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Florence Adams Kitchen is Now Bertrand Block

As of June 13, 2019 we are changing the name of Florence Adams Kitchen to Bertrand Block. Our new web address is bertrandblock.com This name change is simply intended to clarify our business as explained below, and doesn't involve any change in ownership or employees.

 A Bit of Background...

Florence Adams opened in downtown St Marys, KS in 2005. At the time we offered apparel, gifts, and Polish Pottery. In 2006 we launched florenceadams.com and quickly began to add a variety of products, some from our store, and many not found in our store. For several years we carried diverse products ranging from dehydrators, juicers, and blenders, to butcherblock islands. Over time florenceadams.com became pretty narrowly focused on butcherblock furniture and countertops, so we made the decision to launch another site dedicated to apparel (florenceadams.clothing). Unfortunately it was always a bit confusing having two sites with similar names and completely different offerings, so we decided to split the kitchen furniture off to a new site (florenceadamskitchen.com) and then reclaim florenceadams.com for our retail store and apparel.

That brings us to the changes we are making now to finally finish the process. Florenceadams.com will now be our site for all things clothing and apparel. 

All of our butcherblock and furniture sales will move to Bertrandblock.com. Our business is located on Bertrand Ave here in St Marys hence the name. We look forward to serving you in the future!